Take Flight at Wings Over Houston Airshow!

With the holiday seasons steadily approaching and the weather finally beginning to clear at long last, what better way to celebrate a great season in Houston than with something that will send your spirits soaring?

I’m talking about the Wings Over Houston Airshow, one of the biggest air-focused events showcasing vintage aircraft along with the thrills of modern aviation. This huge community event will feature a wide array of aerial and pyrotechnical performances designed to entertain the thrill-seeker in all of us. You can definitely expect some loud noises, smoke, and plenty of fire to send the heart racing! 

All aerial performances open up at 10 am and there will definitely be plenty of guests in attendance. The one thing I would point out is, if you’re a parent of children with sensitivity to loud noises, to bring some ear protection or some noise-canceling headphones. Bus fare is included with the purchase of tickets and patrons are encouraged to only bring necessary items, as well as limit the size and contents of allowed carry-in items. 

It’s a very worthy measure considering the quality of entertainment you’ll get to experience during your visit! For any resident living in the best Houston apartment locations, including Villa Nueva, The Steeples, Bayou Park, Stonecreek, and Sedona Pointe Apartments, this is definitely an earth-shaking outing you’ll absolutely never forget! 

Plus, you’ll get to see some major pieces of history with the display of real vintage planes and machinery! So if you have a kiddo with a curious nature and an eye for the skies, this is a great opportunity to educate as well as entertain them!

The CAF Wings Over Houston 2021 Airshow will run from October 9th to October 10th at the Ellington Airport. Make sure you wear your mask and reserve your tickets in advance! You can purchase your tickets HERE, as well as receive some additional information about this great event. Look to the skies and take flight!


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Sep 14